Basics of Geometry: Geometry is one of the most scared concepts, This Class recording is of the basic concepts of geometry and has an interesting way to look at angles. This is how we follow the logical approach to questions. Enjoy the Video.!

LR Games: Ahh.! Sometimes we like to play games in class. An interactive class, where students participate, fun + learning + Solving CAT Questions, is a complete package.

Geometry Problem Solving: Dig into the most amazing way of solving questions. Logic + Optional Approach + Hit and Trial. This is the Blend of how a guy with average mathematical skills can solve daunting Questions. One of the most Loved classes by our Students. Have a look.!

VA Grammar: "How not to piss off a girl with bad grammar". Kanika ma'am is always a charm for the students. Learn the basics of grammar Kanika ma'am style.!

Decoding LR: The most important aspect of solving a Logical Reasoning Problem is decoding the statements right. This Class recording is all about all the implied meanings of a particular statement. A major booster for students while tackling LR Section.

Power Of Options: How about Solving the majority of CAT Questions through options only. This Class was about this only. Last-minute jugad is what we call it. Enjoy the Video

Pie Charts: Pie Chart is one of the Favorite topics of Mayank Sir, Have a look at how easy he makes CAT Sets by using Ratios as the primary method of solving. This is how we teach to by-pass all the major calculations while solving a set.

Data Sufficiency: Often neglected, but this is one of its kind of the class, it helps to build the basic concepts of the students, have a look and see if you can get the 5th Question right..!!

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