Why Should You Choose Percentilers for CAT Preparation?

CAT is the dream exam for most management candidates. It is the pinnacle of management examination one can ever give in India. Under the category of the five toughest exams in India, CAT is the only exam by which various IIMs give admission into their most elite programs.
Apart from IIMs, 1000+ more colleges in the nation accept admission through a valid CAT score. Generally, your entry in IIMs depends upon your percentile in the examination. The thumb rule for this exam is the higher the percentile, the better college you will get. Candidates above the 99 percentile can expect a call from the old IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Calcutta).
Those who don't get an elite percentile can still get admission in the IIMs, but those are new like IIM Jammu, IIM Amritsar, etc. Still, there are few colleges where you can get admission and draw a handsome salary after completing the degree. Those colleges are MDI Gurgaon, Xavier InstSchool of Management, S.P, Jain, FMS Delhi, etc.
Many times candidates think that only topper and intelligent individuals can pass this examination. But it's not entirely true; apart from the academic skills, one needs to focus on soft skills to excel in the examination.
When they start the preparation, it is common to have dilemmas, and the most common one is whether they should enroll in the coaching center or not; why? Because of increasing competition every year.
If you are confronted with the same dilemma, then this article is for you. Today we will discuss why you should enroll in a coaching center and how Percentilers will help. Before going to register for coaching, you first need to understand why it becomes necessary.

Reasons to Choose Coaching Over Self-Study

The reasons to enroll in a coaching center will vary from person to person, but the most common ones are mentioned below:

  • Proper Guidance
  • Consistency
  • Progress tracking becomes easier
  • Subjects and topics can be discussed easily
  • Time management
  • Healthy competition
  • Professional experts to administer the progress

These reasons hamper the progress of preparation and kill the precious time that will affect your final result.

Why Enroll with Percentilers for CAT preparation?

Coaching plays a vital role in your selection in the top B-schools of India. If you made a wrong decision and chose a false coaching center, you will lose your money and the dream of studying in your favorite management college. Here come the Percentilers for your rescue. Percentilers offers both offline and online CAT coaching that suits your requirements.

With the faculties from IIMs, we are a renowned name in the education industry of India. Every year our students make it to the top management colleges in India. Some of them are Hardik Dhawan, IIM, C with 99.64 percentile, Aditya Thawait, FMS, Delhi with 99.84 percentile, Shrishti Raj, IIM, C with 99.84 percentile, Akanksha Gangwar, JBIMS, Mumbai, etc. The list is long, and the stories are intense.
Toppers are not unique, but their decisions are; they made the right choices at the right time. Similarly, you also need to choose the best coaching for CAT to get success. 

Direct interaction with professional teachers

Teachers here in the Percentilers are professionals from the education industry. They are alumni from different IIMs of India and understand what it takes to clear the most challenging exams of the country. Studying in Percentilers gives you the advantage of talking with teachers one-to-one so that there won't be any doubt in your mind about the preparation. 

Full-proof study plan

This will be the best part of joining Percentilers as we take responsibility for all our students. We make a comprehensive study plan as per the strengths and weaknesses of our students. Improvisation is also part of our strategies, and we tweak the methods according to dates and latest ongoings. If any changes happen in the syllabus or pattern, we will inform our students about the same. 

Revisions with study material

Timely revisions with high-quality study material are our strengths. Our study material is targeted with only the necessary requirements for syllabus and pattern. Our expert mentors make these materials to ensure minimum error. There is no need to read extra books apart from the study material you get here. Students gain an edge over their competitors by following the strategies. 

Consistency with competition 

The consistency you get here in Percentilers is matchless. Consistency, along with discipline, is the key to success for every student. In Percentilers, we divide the sufficient time for all subjects that are necessary for a strong base. Our CAT online class will be a perfect companion in your journey. Despite having a busy schedule, all the students get ample opportunities to compete with each other in a healthy environment. This pushes them to give their best in the hardest of circumstances.

Whether you decide for CAT online preparation or to study offline, Percentilers are always there to assist their students so that they also get into the elite club of the 99+ percentile. Our authentic approach, targeted study plan, and healthy study environment with ease of online classes make us the best online CAT coaching institute. With warm regards, we wish the best of luck to all the CAT aspirants.

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