Why MBA from Top B-School?

MBA is undoubtedly the best master’s degree one can get in their lifetime. It has remained the prestigious education discipline that offers unparalleled career growth, especially in the fast-paced corporate world. If you are aiming to climb the highest ladder of your professional graph, then MBA is your call.
There are a lot of colleges in India that offer an MBA as a specialization in India but having just a master’s in management is not enough. There are a lot of other factors that influence your career graph in the long run. Sheer hard work and perseverance are required to succeed, but the role of a good college cannot be nullified.
Having a Top B school on your CV not only gives an edge to your career but also helps you widen your perspective about your surroundings. But today, almost every college and university offers an MBA too with less money. Why do people choose an expensive yet competitive way to complete a degree? Well, we are with a few valuable points that help you to decide. 

Reasons to do MBA from Top B-school

International Recognition All the top B-schools of India have an internationally recognized curriculum that equips you with the latest trend and ongoing knowledge. Top business schools of India like IIM, A, B, C, and ISB Hyderabad fall under the list of top 100 B-Schools of the world. Now you can imagine the prestige and reputation associated with these colleges. After globalization, all the MNC’s want global managers and team leaders that represent their organizations on an international platform.  

The Community 

When you get admission in any of the recognized institutes of any curriculum or any discipline, then you also get the opportunity to study with the crème de la crème, i.e., the finest brains of the nation. You learn with doctors, engineers, and specialists of various streams and gain new experience and memories. Your perspective will change, your knowledge will widen, you become more practical with enhanced skills and tremendously improved personality. 

High Placements

This is probably the most significant advantage of having an MBA degree from a top B-School. Whatever degree you choose for yourself, the motive behind that is the high salaries with reputed organizations. Although 100% is a marketing gimmick for most colleges, this is not the case with top-tier management institutions. And because of their strict code of conduct, these colleges are the top choices for all the MNCs, financial or consulting firms, and the government. Due to this reason, premier management colleges will be the best choice. 

Extensive Learning 

Studying in MBA colleges is not at all a rosy job. From getting admissions to learning to placements, everything runs at a high pace. In a college like IIM or MDI, or S.P. Jain, your day-to-day routine will be hectic, and you have to manage a lot of things simultaneously. Assignments, projects, seminars, meetings, discussions will become your breakfast and dinner. The approach for anything here is more practical based on case studies and real-time data. 


No other profession in this world can give you the opportunity to meet and connect with people as much as an MBA provides. Along with one of the many advantages of studying in a management college, networking is a significant perk that includes an alumni network. Because of the prestige and rigorous process, you will become part of some great groups. Connecting is a crucial part of the corporate world, and due to this reason, all the colleges have an alumni system with which you become part of their legacy after getting admission into it. 


We don’t know what you think after seeing a prestigious college name on one’s CV. But believe us, it has become an indispensable part of society. Most of the time, you will be judged on your academics, and if you have a premier name on your back, you will surely get an advantage over others. The recognition and respect you get after getting a degree from these colleges are immense.

If you are still wondering whether an MBA from a top B-School is worth it or not, then compare these points again and compare them side-by-side with other colleges then you see the difference by yourself.

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