Which MBA specialization is best

MBA is undoubtedly the most sought-after degree one can ever get. It serves as the entry step into the corporate world management where you are in charge of a dedicated wing to ensure smooth operations in the organization.

With time the demand for management specialists has grown drastically. Corporates are looking for those professional MBA grads on high salary packages in lakhs or even in crores. But the salary and work depend on the specialization you choose to master. There are over 200+ specializations in MBA which you can choose from. Some remain at the top, and others lose by a tiny margin.
As we are heading towards the CAT exam and other MBA entrance examinations, the confusion and stress are also increasing among the candidates to choose the best MBA specialization. There are a lot of factors involved in finalizing the MBA specialization for you. If you are under the same dilemma of which MBA specialization is best for you, then keep reading; we have mentioned the best MBA discipline with a high salary and stable growth graph. 

Top 5 MBA Specializations that are high in demand

MBA in Finance

 If an organization is a body, then finance is the heart. Since its beginning as a specialization, finance has remained the most popular and high-paying MBA specialization that attracts applicants in huge numbers. It involves financial management of the organization, calculations, portfolio management, valuation, etc.

You can start your career as a financial analyst, financial planner, financial advisor, investment banker, etc. Due to its calculative nature, it is best suitable for individuals who are good in mathematics and economics. If you have the same fire of jumbling with numbers, nothing can best an MBA in finance.

MBA in Marketing

If finance is the heart of an organization, then marketing is the blood flowing in the veins of the company. Marketing individuals have the most critical task of generating capital and business and building the brand image. Many CEOs in the top corporate giants are from the marketing background because of their knowledge in business behavior.

You can expect a high pace of career growth full of responsibilities and challenges every day while keeping business promotional to its core if you have an MBA in marketing. Every sector and every company requires marketing professionals who can promote the company's idea. Brand Manager, Market Research Analyst, Area or Regional Manager, Project Manager, Sales Manager, or the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) are some of the posts that a marketing specialist can head. If you have good convincing and negotiation skills with profound product knowledge, then an MBA in marketing is a no-brainer.

MBA in Operations Management

If you are good at planning, creating, and managing resources used by the organizations, then MBA in Operations Management will be the safe bet. It is the responsibility of operations professionals to communicate inter-departmentally, create new vendors while managing the old and ensure smooth business operations.

After completing your degree, you can easily start your career as a Product Manager, General Manager, Supervisor, or CTO (Chief Technology Officer) in an IT firm. Supply Chain Management is where they can do wonders as Operations Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Analyst, etc. This branch is for you if you have an attention to detail, negotiating, and sales management attitude. 

MBA in Human Resource Management 

The HRM department is considered a recession-proof job, which is why it is so popular among female applicants. MBA in HRM remains charming with high placement records. Colleges like MDI Gurgaon, TISS Mumbai, XLRI, and IIM Lucknow have the highest placement records for their HRM batch. From recruitment to promotion to appraisal to termination, HR professionals remain masters in the corporate world.

Besides people management, HRM also helps you build global industrial relations to provide wider exposure to the business world. If you have good negotiation skills with a pinch of confidence and communication, then you will shine like the sun in the organization. 

MBA in Information Technology

The IT industry is already known as the "Sunrise Industry" and with the new technologies and competencies, the importance of IT professionals has astonishingly increased. MBA in IT has emerged as a fruitful specialization option, especially for engineering grads. If you are an excellent programmer with technical knowledge and understand the business world's demands, then a brilliant career awaits you.

You can effortlessly start your career with Fortune 500 companies as Technical System Manager, Business Development Manager, System analyst, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Consultant, Functional Consultant, etc. 

The top 2 branches gained popularity in recent times

MBA in Entrepreneurship

As the business world transits, the requirements for specialist leaders with out-of-the-box thinking also becomes indispensable. Young fresh graduates have a dream of marking this world with their presence, and MBA in entrepreneurship is assisting them in doing so. You will learn the essential skills of networking, leadership, and venture designing.The highlight of this specialization is that they assist the candidates in making business strategies that lead to innovation. You can work as Business Reporters, Product Managers, Venture Developer, Corporate Supervisor, etc., to gain some professional experience. Still, If you have a plan for a business startup, then MBA will help you fulfill it.

MBA in Digital Marketing 

There is no need to say anything about Digital Marketing. The most talked-about tool and necessary skill to master if you want to survive in the digital world. MBA in Digital Marketing is introduced as the specialization where applicants learn about the various digital tools and sub-specializations like SEO, SMM, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, etc.

Gone are the days when digital marketing was only limited to advertising agencies and communications houses. Today, be it small or large, every organization needs a good digital presence. Professional digital marketers can do wonders with your organization. There are numerous profiles through which you can enter the digital world like Social Media Marketer, SEO Expert, Digital Marketing Manager, etc. How to choose MBA specializationThere are many things to consider while deciding on the MBA specialization.

  • Ask yourself what you want from that specialization.
  • Choose an MBA specialization that best suits your potential so that you can use your potential to its fullest.
  • Make sure you get satisfactory ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Discuss with your seniors the factors involved in the MBA.
  • Your long-term goals and expectations will be the major influential factor.

If you keep these factors in your mind while making the final decision, you will undoubtedly make the best choice.

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