What are the advantages of giving the CAT exam?

Common Admission Test or commonly known as CAT, is the premier entrance exam in India. Not only premier but also the toughest one to crack. Apart from an excellent academic background, you need to be a jack of all trades from academic to personality to professional front; all must be of top priority to ensure a seat in the prestigious IIMs or any other top B-School of India.  

IIM conducts this examination every year and gets lakhs of applications for a few hundred seats in the top B-Schools of India. The CAT exam is designed in such a way that the conducting authorities evaluate you on various parameters simultaneously.  

Preparing and competing for CAT is an enriching experience for everyone. It will change your overall personality in the long run and develop the essential skills for business which again transform you into a professional individual. But the CAT exam is for what purpose? What are their advantages and benefits? If you are wondering about the same, then stick to this blog, and you will get all your queries resolved.  

Benefits of CAT Exam 

Academic Prestige  

The most significant advantage of taking the CAT exam is the opportunity to study in the best management colleges in India. These colleges include all the IIMs, FMS Delhi, MDI Gurgaon, XLRI Jamshedpur, S.P. Jain Mumbai, etc. These are the pioneer institutes in the field of management and entrepreneurial education. All the institutes help you to build the essential corporate skills which will enhance your professional career growth. Whether you get into IIMs or any other similar management institution, the recognition of these colleges is renowned extensively.  

Time Management  

Time is undoubtedly a crucial part of anyone’s life. If you are an excellent timekeeper, then you will perform well in every aspect of life. With less time at hand and more questions to solve, CAT helps you develop the greatest asset, Time. From the first day of preparation to the first day of selection, all the stages of the CAT exam require hard work and effort with time management skills to ensure success. If you are good with your needles, then believe us, half of your job is done already, and CAT makes it more rigid.  


When you clear an exam like CAT, you will be considered a valuable and knowledgeable individual. The respect and prestige you get are unparalleled, and the backing of such a prestigious degree from a tier-1 college makes you eligible for high salary packages. If you compare an IIM degree with any regular MBA institute, you will see the prestige associated with the name. You will get selected for an interview easily, and you get better salaries; the promotions are usually higher with aided responsibilities for a top B-School graduate. Your chances of selection in any of the renowned organizations become easy. Due to the international recognition associated with these institutions, various MNCs will not hesitate to hire you.  

Personality Development  

Participating in or qualifying for any such exam like CAT will not only fetch you a good job and salary but also develop you as an individual. After preparing for the CAT examination for six or more months, you build critical and analytical thinking towards everything. Your perspective thought process, and awareness of your surroundings will change drastically. Your common sense will improve, and you will make sound decisions. The most important quality you produce is patience. Yes, you will learn to be patient, which is not a rocket science thing. Having patience under every circumstance will make you a better individual for society as well as for the organization.  

Improved emotional and intelligence quotients are some of the perks of the CAT examination. You also build those necessary leadership and management skills that will sail you through your entire professional career.  

Lastly, remember that the CAT exam is not the rest of your knowledge, but it also tests your grit, patience, and problem-solving skills. It is the test of quality and not quantity. A comprehensive and practical approach is required to fulfill the goal of success in the examination. It is not just an entrance exam, and you will experience the benefits of the CAT exam throughout your life. 

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