Preparation Tips For Written Ability Test (WAT) for CAT

Getting into IIMs is already a rigorous process in itself. You have to go through the rigorous process of written examination, IIM WAT, and personal interview to get admission into prestigious B-schools of India. Most students consider only the CAT exam and the interview as the biggest hurdle to getting into the IIMs but remember that CAT is only the first stage.

Immediately after CAT results, another stage called the WAT test (Written Ability Test) is conducted directly before the interview. WAT for CAT exam is a pen and paper exam that lasts for 20-30 minutes. It is a test of your writing abilities that consists of essays to write.

First introduced by the Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar, it has now become the pinnacle of testing one's thought processing ability. Prior to WAT, there was a group activity called GD, simply known as Group Discussion. The participants were divided into small groups and assigned a topic to debate. But due to, the hesitant nature in front of the unknown makes the students feel uncomfortable. Despite having great talent, they didn't make it to the interview round and lost the chance to study in the prestigious management college.

To counter this problem and maintain transparency and equality in the selection, the IIMs had replaced it with the WAT test. But don't take it lightly because if your performance is good, then you will get 10 marks (more than 10 for some IIMs), and it is a significant number to get you on the final merit list. To make things easier for you, we are here to provide the best tips for the WAT test to ensure success.

Top 5 preparation tips to pass the WAT Test

Reading remains the Queen

Whenever it comes to writing something, it becomes crucial that one must have sufficient matter in their mind to pour onto the paper. If you lack information, then no matter how good you are with your writing skills, you will suffer in the end.

Hence it is essential that you read, read and read a lot. Be it a newspaper, magazine, journal, novels, course books, or informatics websites, read whatever you find important, especially the current affairs and technology sections.

Remember Limits

Apart from personality traits, the WAT test also analyzes your creativity and improvisation skills. Why? Because there is a word limit of 300-400 depending on the topic and you have to complete the essay in the given time limit within the word limit.

It is mandatory that you finish the essay within the given requirements without losing the core. Storytelling with stats will be preferred. Practice at home to gain mastery over the topics

Simplicity has its own identity

Avoid reading fancy novels with not so easy to understand words because you will end up writing the same in the test that eventually affects the readability. It is advisable that you avoid using such words and maintain the effectiveness and impact of the article.

If you maintain simplicity with few quotes here and there, then your essay will shine like gold. Rote a few generic and famous quotes, and you are good to go.

Prepare a mental chart

It is necessary to wear the armor in mind first then prepare for the battle. Similarly, make a habit of preparing the mental chart in the first 2-3 minutes to maintain the smoothness and word flow. You will see the difference in your writing if you follow the steps.

Think, observe, connect and write. Maintain this technique while practicing and on the exam day and get ready to experience the new flair in writing.

Practice increases mastery

Practice, practice, and practice. Writing is not talent but a skill that can be mastered with time. If you dedicate a few hours to writing, then you will develop exceptional writing skills. Practice not only increases your speed but also makes your essay interesting so that the invigilator won't get bored while analyzing your write-ups.

Be concise, engaging, with relevant facts and information, and you are all set to write the most pleasing piece of words.

We believe this article helped you a lot. We wish for your excellent MBA journey. Cheers!

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