Placement Myths and Realities of B schools

"The grass is always greener on the other side." You probably have heard this quote multiple times. And in layman language, it means what seems beautiful from a distance may not be nice when we get a close encounter with that. But why do we mention this? Because this is happening currently with the majority of B-schools in India.
Did you ever notice the period from April to August? This is when lakhs of students finish their graduation and look for a master's degree, especially in management. They play their trump card of 100% placement and success ratio to attract applicants in more numbers. Statistics are the actual indicators but with excellent lies.
You can believe the stats for MBA placement but at what cost? Are these stats coming from an authentic source? If not, then what is the reality behind it? Well, we are here for you to show the other side of the coin so that you can make a better decision for the two precious years of your life. 

Top myths and their realities related to placement in MBA

High Salaries

 This is probably the main attraction of students towards any institute because an MBA ultimately provides you with high salaries. Students get fooled when they read salaries in lakhs. But in reality, they are just inflated digits used to lure students that eventually bring business to these institutes.

The salaries they show as the average batch packages are the highest package offered to only 1 or 2 students from the whole session, let alone the batch. These are just numbers that are offered to them as a CTC that further includes PF, ESIC, HRA, travel and food allowances, etc. At least one candidate will get from tier-2 or tier-3 business schools. So don't believe in these hypothetical numbers and use some other sources as well. 

10% Placement in MBA

MBA placement is a hot topic to debate among fresh graduates and final-year MBA students. And why should it not be? You spent years of your parent's investment and precious time of your life as well. If you don't get selected during campus placements, then maybe it's not all your fault; your college might play a placement game with you.

'A' lists colleges like IIMs (old one), XLRI, S.P. Jain, FMS, etc., might get a 100% placement, but it also depends on specializations and batches. The placement committees of those B-schools prepare the report of placement to ensure the market value. If a suitable job is what you aim for, then build your expertise in the domain to reserve a spot in the top 10 or 20% of students to ensure selection on high salary packages. 

Corporate Giant

 Recruitment B-schools use the name of major recruiters to attract more students, and innocent students somehow fall into the trap of the colleges. Corporate giants, PSUs, and other renowned brands have a defined selection process to recruit fresh MBA graduates. These types of organizations have different subsidiaries and sister companies that hire on behalf of them. Their name is highlighted in such a way that anyone can easily believe in them.

For instance, you can take the example of PNB MetLife, a sister organization of Punjab National Bank, a private vendor but can easily be published as PNB itself. This makes the students think that it's the bank that recruits the students directly. But it is a pure myth. The government of India has the majority of stakes in PNB; hence it is the IBPS that recruits for the bank. B-Schools use this technique in order to fool the students so that they take admission in their college.

Branch-wise Biased Results

Generally, students have biased perceptions about a particular MBA branch. This situation becomes even worse when the colleges (some top tier as well) use these tactics to show the bloated results like "MBA Finance batch get the highest salary" or "MBA HR get 100% placements breaking the last year's record of 90%".

These are just marketing gimmicks and false statements, which you should not believe at all. Think practically, will you ever cross-check these false statements by yourself? No, you can't unless you took admission into that college. There are no credible resources available for these statistics, and you have to believe in those statements. It'll be good if you check the recruiter's profile to confirm these claims. You can also check their recruitment process and eligibility criteria for the given profiles by your college.

MBA is all about GPA

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest myths among MBA aspirants that only the highest GPA can fetch you high salary packages with a good MNC. Education indeed plays a vital role in the selection, but that doesn't mean in any way that you will get the highest salary demons upon your mark. It has been seen multiple times that some of the batch toppers settle for average or not-so-good salaries.

This is not because the companies don't want geeks, but being master's graduates, they look for something extra in you. As we know, an MBA is a management degree that requires extensive leadership and problem-solving skills. If you are a good communicator with excellent leadership and people management skills, then 'Congratulations,' you are hired in your dream company.

If you keep these points in mind regarding placement in MBA, then you will get the best value for your money.

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