How to prepare for CAT in 60 days?

Getting into IIM is a precious milestone for anyone to achieve. It offers one of the most sought-after courses, an MBA. If you are dreaming of getting into the best management institute in the country, then no college or university can give competition to an IIM. There are 20 IIMs in India, and If you get admission into any of them, you will surely be ahead of 70% of your competition.
The road to an IIM is not rosy. One needs to be exceptionally good in their academics with a good amount of interpersonal skills to succeed. To join India's best B-schools, applicants need to clear one of the toughest exams in the country, CAT. This coveted exam is conducted on an annual basis, usually in November. Applicants in huge numbers apply to get admission into one of their dream management colleges.
The aim of this examination is to evaluate the aptitude of the applicants and not the knowledge. An excellent level of dedication and persistence is required to clear the exam. Usually, a period of 6 months before the exam is considered the ideal time, but you will find plenty of successful candidates who clear this exam in 2 months or less. But how are they able to compete with those who are preparing for a year? Well, we are here to tell you the truth behind their success.
If you started your preparation recently and are worried about how to crack CAT in 60 days, then stay with us. In this article, you will learn a few tips to crack this exam in 3 months.

Tips on how to prepare for CAT in 60 days

You have a short period in your hand, so a systematic approach is required to crack this exam in 2 months. For this, take the calendar and divide the whole period into a three-phase cycle, i.e., 20-20-20. 

Phase-1 (First 20 days)

Whether you are good in academics or not, you need to work hard to achieve the 60 days success target. Collect all the resources (Syllabus, books, and previous years' papers) as rapidly as you can. The CAT syllabus is well structured and holistically defined. These sections are Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR), Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), and Quantitative Aptitude (QA).

It would help if you mastered all these sections to ensure maximum success. Try to give at least 9 quality hours to the preparation, i.e., 3 hours for each section. You can improvise those hours as per your understanding of the topics. The syllabus is not vast and can be completed in 20 days. 

Phase-2 (20+20 Days)

If you remain consistent in the first 20 days, then you will see that you have built a strong base in that period. This second phase is the most crucial for you because it is the time to focus more on the quality than the quantity. CAT conducting authorities have made the provision for negative marking, i.e., 1 mark will be deducted if you tick the wrong answer. Hence accuracy becomes essential.

Start solving as many questions as you can to get the desired accuracy rate. You can now take the previous year's question papers for reference and slowly increase your speed because, along with accuracy, speed is also required to solve the questions paper within the time limit. Follow this rule for 20 days while focusing more on accuracy, and after 20 days, you will see drastic changes in your personality.

Phase-3 (20+20+20 Days)

This is the final stage of your preparation as the most critical time because, with preparation issues, few personal problems will also arise like stress, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, etc. But don't lose your heart because you have prepared with all your might and already spent 40 prosperous days in the preparation. Now it's time to test what you have prepared.

It's time to enroll yourself in a good quality test series where you can perform at least 50 mock tests to ensure minimum error. The role of authenticity and reliability becomes crucial at this stage as you have less time in your hand as compared to others. Hence instead of taking risks, look for a genuine institute that provides the best value for your money.
Do you still wonder how to prepare for CAT in 60 days? We advise you to take preparation assistance from industry experts so that this question won't bother you and focus on your MBA journey. Now stop thinking and start doing.

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