How to prepare for CAT 2021 in 1 Month?

Do you want to clear the CAT examination in one month? Then this blog is for you. When you think of passing any competitive exams, it becomes crucial that you follow a comprehensive approach because you choose a difficult task to complete. And when it comes to an exam like CAT, it becomes even more critical that you make informed choices.

CAT falls under the category of toughest exams in India. It's not the syllabus that makes it the hardest nut to crack, but various other factors like the number of applicants, exam frequency, and negative marking that make it stand apart. If you look at the yearly graph and stats of the examination, it clearly shows the lakhs of applications and some with repeated attempts. This means apart from the exam itself; you have to compete with the veterans as well.

It is not impossible to crack the CAT in one month but indeed a daunting task to accomplish. Many students who are short on time try to clear the exam in 30 or fewer days. And some of them, with a positive mindset and systematic approach, cleared the examination in less time.

Are you becoming more curious and wondering about how to crack CAT in 1 month? Let's find the answer by yourself.


Tips to prepare for CAT in 1 month

Understand the Examination

Be it an exam, war, or any important thing in your life; it is necessary that you understand your enemy enough like your friend. Similarly, if cracking CAT is your aim, then learning about the syllabus and pattern becomes essential. Analyze the topics, make a crisp strategy and start executing what you have decided for yourself. Directly jumping into the preparation is like riding a bike on an endless journey without headlights. So don't be a directionless traveler but a driver with the destination.

Divide the Exam

After understanding the pattern and syllabus:

  1. Divide the whole exam into different sections, i.e., most important, less important, and not attempt questions.
  2. Remember that it's not the number of questions but the accuracy that matters the most. If you aimlessly run behind solving all the questions in the paper, you will lose those precious marks that might land you in your dream college.
  3. Analyze the input-output ratio and make required improvisations.

Strengthen the Weak Areas 

It is not possible that you are good at every section and every topic. There might be a few areas where you lack strength. Those questions not only take much time to tackle but also degrade your confidence. You are already short on time, and if you waste too much on it, you probably won't get the desired result. But that doesn't mean in any way that you leave all the tough questions or the whole section. You need to counterbalance your weaknesses with your strengths.

Maybe you are weak in Quant but not in Verbal or Data Interpretation. Make use of those specific topics and sections to your advantage. Only doing this can reap you the sweetest fruit. 

Time Management 

Time management is an important skill, but it cannot be mastered in a day. You have to practice as well as analyze your performance on a daily basis. If you master the skill of time management, then nothing can stop you from excelling in this examination. As you have only one month to prepare for this examination, it is necessary that you devote a good 7 to 8 hours daily for the preparation. Doing this will significantly improve your performance. 

Practice and Do Not Ignore Mocks 

Mocks are highly close replicas of the actual CAT exam, and if you are disciplined enough while attempting these, you will benefit in the long run, and all your progress will be seen on the D-day performance. During your preparation, it becomes necessary that you start performing mocks as soon as possible or along with them because if you leave mocks for the 11th hour, then you might not get the expected result. As you might not have anyone around you to criticize your performance hence only mocks can help you at that time.

These are some valuable tips from our side on how to prepare for CAT in 1 month. If you religiously follow all the processes and keep all those points in mind, you will surely succeed. We hope all your queries regarding the CAT preparation are resolved, and we wish you the best of luck in your MBA journey.

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