How to get into IIMs with poor academics?how to get into iim with poor academics

Studying and learning in the top management colleges of India is a dream for many students. These colleges are the finest places to learn the latest philosophies and technologies with ongoing trends. You get the chance to study with the crème de la crème, i.e., the best of the best brains in the country. The opportunities to learn and grow there are more than anywhere else.

To get admission to these colleges required hard work with excellent academic background and, of course, a bit of luck. The competition is rising every year to get a seat in these colleges. You need to be different but finest to ensure the final call. You probably heard that a 99+ percentile is required to get into prestigious IIMs. Still, many people don't know that apart from an excellent percentile, you should have an outstanding academic career to get a call from the esteemed IIMs.

But what if you have an average or poor academic background? Should you prepare for the examination or leave the chance to study in the country's premier colleges? Well, it is half true to some extent. You still can get admission to the top B-school of India despite having a poor academic background. Today in this article, we will share a few approaches to follow to get into IIM with poor academics.


The importance of certification is indispensable. Having a relevant certificate to MBA or your professional experience is all you need to flaunt during the personal interview after CAT. Many IIMs appreciate the efforts you put into acquiring that certificate. If you can justify the relation of that certificate with your profile, it becomes easier for you to get into your favorite IIM.

For instance, you can take the example of finance or marketing certification. If you have a certificate in financial planning, risk management, capital strategy, financial planning, digital marketing, or market research, you will surely get an added advantage to your peer groups.
Always make sure that whatever certification you choose for yourself, those certifications should be relevant and latest as per the education norms because this creates a sense of urgency and compatibility in the interviewer's mind.

Rich CV

You are applying at the top B-school, but if you are doing this immediately after your graduation, then there are chances you don't have practical learning or hands-on experience of what you have learned or how things move on ground zero. If you are in the same situation, then having an internship can change your game. But how and where can you find a perfect internship for yourself? You can reach out to the recruiters, or you can check the pages of Internshala. Hellointern, Internmatch, or letsintern find compatible and valuable paid and non-paid internships to make yourself worthy for the college profile.

If learning and practical experience are your priority, then choose a startup to complete your internship. Big corporations or MNCs are best for those whose priority is money and brand image. It depends upon your requirements.

Work Experience

Several times, we see candidates applying for an MBA immediately after graduation. This is probably one of the biggest mistakes they made while applying to a business school because an MBA is a master's program and has management at its core. If you learn those techniques beforehand, then there are increased chances of your selection in your favorite college.

Try to work in the same field as your MBA because this shows your clarity and commitment towards the career and degree. Also, it becomes easier for you to get a job in a relevant field after completing your master's.

Social Etiquettes

As education is increasing, empathy and sensitivity are also growing. Most corporate giants and MNCs have at least one NGO or have partnered with non-profit organizations to fulfill their social responsibilities. You too indulge yourself in some social activity or work for a social cause so that colleges won't hesitate to hire not only a good student but also a great individual.

You can join any NGO or social organization that offers certification of participation. Participate in as many social drives as you can because not only will it make your profile rich but turn you into a responsible person.

Active Profile

What do you mean by an active or exciting profile? Any profile balanced with academic, social, and sports achievements are considered an active profile. Build a variety in your profile that shows the diversity in your career. Apart from your studies, you should be involved in extracurricular activities like sports and other entertainment activities.

Colleges like S.P. Jain give particular preference for candidates involved in sports activities, primarily if they represent their school or college team in any district or national level tournaments. If you are good at dancing, participate in that; if you are a singer, then become a member of organizing committees. This type of varied field will boost your profile to a significant level.

 Make a habit of newspaper reading or an excellent current affairs magazine so that you won't stutter in the GD or PI round. Read news and current events related to economic and business activities because, in the end, you enroll yourself in a business school and not in an ordinary college.

Always remember that having an excellent academic background is undoubtedly a plus, but that doesn't mean you won't get admission in your choice of IIM if your academics are poor. You still get admission if you follow the techniques mentioned above. Now forget about how to get into IIM with poor academics and prepare to get an excellent percentile.

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